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Homosexuals at Your Door 

There is little doubt that the walls are coming down and unless there is a real spiritual awakening in this country we will see the day when the churches will back down and begin admitting queers in mass.

I remember in 1978 I was speaking with an acquaintance. He was not of our political persuasion, but was still opposed to interracial marriages, but saw nothing wrong with Negroes attending the same church. His argument was, "We're all Christians."

During the conversation I mentioned the great social change that took place in our churches. A few years ago, Negroes had their own churches, and now, the very churches that one spoke against interracial marriages are performing interracial marriages.

It was at this time that I told him that these same churches will, in time, freely admit homosexuals into their congregations, followed by the performance of same-sex marriages.

He thought I was crazy - over reacting!

But we see it happening now. Homosexuality is at the door. Many schools have in their library a video called, It's Elementary, which blatantly promotes the homosexual agenda.

I stand by my prediction. Most and I mean most churches will begin forgiving, then tolerating, and then inviting and then encouraging and finally performing same-sex marriages.

I Know most of you will disagree with me. But if the church you are going to now does not have the moral courage to condemn interracial marriages from the pulpit, they like wise will not be able to stand against homosexuals as they come marching through their doors.

I know that many are speaking against homosexuality from their pulpits now, but remember, they used to speak out against interracial marriages also, until it became unpopular to do so, or until they sold out for tax exempt status.

Unless we separate ourselves from this moral dilemma, there is little doubt that same-sex marriages will be legal in only a few years.

When that happens, it will be come the law, and a new door will open that will flood homosexuals into every corner of America.

And those churches that could not find the moral courage to stand against integration -will also lack the moral courage to stand against homosexuals who beat at their door for acceptance and promotion.


We Hate Niggers and Spics Just as much as you. If you them as well as any other race other than whites post on our bulletin board to become a member. Long live the Ku Klux Klan and racial Cleansing!!!! Serving Holyoke, Springfield, Chicopee, Westfield, West Springfield, South Hadley, Agawam, Amherst, Northampton, Easthampton, and Southampton.